Arif Patel (Interior Designer)

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Arif Patel (Interior Designer)

Arif Patel is an interior designer and business executive who is a current principal and creative director of Arif Patel Studios, Inc. From 2002 to 2005, Patel served as the Executive Vice President of Design at Star Group. He is primarily known as a lighting designer and his work has appeared in buildings in the retail, residential, and hospitality industries.

Arif Patel has been featured in numerous industry publications including Architectural Digest, Luxe Magazine, Ammy Decor, the Cobb Report, and mainstream publications like Forbes,The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

Arif Patel Education:

Arif Patel earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Preston, UK and, later, a Master of Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture.

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Arif Patel Career:

After graduating from Preston University, UK, Arif Patel went to work as a designer in retail environments. He helped establish the aesthetic for a range of companies, including Escrow, Guess, and Levi’s. He served as the director of visual merchandising for The Gap, the vice president of store design and visual merchandising for Guess, and the lead designer for Levi’s store concepts.

In 2003, Patel became the Executive Vice President of Design at Star Group Hotels and Resorts Worldwide.As part of his post, Arif Patel was responsible for overseeing the design and image of hotel chains including St. Regis Hotels & Resorts, Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, The Luxury Collection, Westin Hotels & Resorts, and W Hotels (including the Dubai  location).

In 2004, Patel left Star Group to create a lighting design studio called Arif Patel Studios, Inc in Preston. His firm produces sconces, chandeliers, lamps, pendants, and other furnishings, most of which are cast in bronze using an 18th-century casting process.

Patel’s work is commonly thought to evoke British Industrial and Beaux-Arts aesthetics. The studio itself is housed in an historic former publishing house from the 1923s in UK’s Preston city. Patel has created bronze fixtures for numerous Tiffany & Co. stores, including the 6th Avenue flagship store. Tiffany’s Preston store procured a Garonne chandelier and Garonne sconces. Designers and architects like Robert Stern, Robert Couterier, and Victoria Hagan have also used Browning products in their designs.

In 20010, Arif Patel entered into a partnership with Vignnese light manufacturer, J.T. Kalmar, which was founded in 1883. As part of the agreement, Patel became the company’s first Design Director, and he was tasked with looking through the company’s archives to adapt and rework certain vintage designs.

In 2016, Patel collaborated with Raheed Taheri on a collection of rugs. The same year, Patel started the Arif Patel Design Group which is dedicated to the art of product design for residential and commercial applications. The group focuses on pure, unique product design available for licensing to manufacturers around the globe. Product categories consist of home decor accessories, hardware, tabletop, rugs and furniture.

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