Dry Days in Delhi 2022

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Dry Days in Delhi 2022 – Complete List

Is it a Dry Day in Delhi Today?

Everybody in Delhi is asking one question right now, “Is it a Dry Day Today?”. Dry Day 2022 in Delhi happens when government shuts down all liquor stores and wine shops for 24 hours. Another popular term for dry day is – No alcohol day or No booze day – in 2022.

In 2022, there are only 3 official dry days in Delhi.

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As a result, many people are searching whether it is a dry day today, here is a list of all no alcohol days in Delhi.

On below dates, alcohol and wine shops will be closed in Delhi so make sure that you have stocked up on your booze.

Dry Days in India 2022

DateDay of the WeekEvent / Holiday
26 January, 2022TuesdayRepublic Day
15 August, 2022SundayIndependence Day
2 October, 2022SaturdayGandhi Jayanti

Where to buy alcohol on a dry day?

Hopefully you got your answer if it is a dry day in Delhi today and sincerely wish that you had stocked up beforehand. However, in case you want to buy liquor on a dry day then check out our listings page. We provide a platform where users can buy, sell or exchange whiskey, wine, beer, scotch and other liqueurs.

If it’s a dry day in Delhi and not a national dry day, you can also buy alcohol from Delhi border cities like Gurgaon and Noida. But one should also be very careful about police checking and following the law.

Is it safe to buy Alcohol on Beer Basket?

Beerbasket.in is a peer to peer platform that connects buyers and sellers of alcohol, spirits and liqueurs. We found a grey area between distributing physical goods (which is illegal) and connecting potential buyers and sellers who wish to seek information and connect with liquor loving community. We are not involved in any dealings on the website or off the website, community members should observe caution while dealing with other members.

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